Things you can do to improve your health when going through IVF

IVF treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. Not to mention the hormones related to your stimulation which can heighten your emotions.

A popular question is:

What are things I can do to improve my health when going through IVF?

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We asked our Fertility Experts and gathered these tips for you in hopes of improving your IVF experience.

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First of all, let us remind you that you know yourself better than whoever else so it is essential to listen to your body, and here are more tips to follow.

You might think all has been clear and you knew already. However, knowing and doing can be far apart from each other sometimes.

A healthy lifestyle surely helps but don’t start any significant changes or don’t do extremes like a sugar-free or gluten-free diet if you weren’t already.

Keep going with your workout routines or find some suitable exercising such as yoga, hiking, or spinning.


Supplements that can support a new pregnancy? Folic Acid is our favorite! Increased dosage of Folic Acid is very often part of your protocol when cycling. Moreover, if you are lacking vitamin D, that is definitely next one to add to your list (minimum of 600mcg daily). Fertility experts also very often highlight the benefits of Probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most researched strain of probiotics when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy vaginal balance. Two other important strains include lactobacillus rhamnosus and lactobacillus reuteri. You can take it vaginally or orally or both.

*If there was anything else you will know after your talk with your clinic because the doctor will check your results which is crucial for your tailored protocol.

Get the right amount of sleep.

Find time to Relax. Our tip to support this „activity“ is levander of any kind (in a bath, diffuser, or when using natural cosmetics products).

Have you tried meditations? It gives you great benefits! Try to stop for a while during the day and give yourself a moment to acknowledge yourself. Breathe. Listen to your body. Listen to nice calm relaxing music which can help you with your meditations.

Watch a nice movie. What about Pray, love, eat with Julia Roberts? ;)

Get a massage or ask your partner to do it for you. Your partner is an equally important cog in this wheel. Btw. how long is it since you have gone on a date, you two? Go on a date with your partner is among our recommendations. You both are in this together.

Talking about your partner, food supplements containing Selene and Zinc are great for them!

You might give try reflexology or acupuncture


Stay hydrated.

Wear light breathable clothing.

Don’t exaggerate with coffee but allow yourself to have one as well as a glass of good wine.

Remember every woman and every cycle are different, so there’s no sure way but THERE IS a WAY and HOPE! It’s easy to accept success, but remember that failures teach us a lot too.

Contact us if you need any help or guidance. 

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